Authentic literary sources on Indian History

Hey! If you really enjoy reading and learning more about Indian History then you can download and read the following books.

We guarantee you that your knowledge on Indian History will way surpass a historian's. Its true coz these are all original Sources that have been compiled here.

By original we mean that these are all first hand accounts of People who were either the eyewitnesses to various historical events or had access to such eye witnesses. Most of these Accounts are translations done by british officials of East India Company who were the First to interpret these Accounts. In addition there are some books written by well known historians.

Apart from enhancing your knowledge these accounts also backs your point in a debate or may help you in subject related research. We are sharing separate books for each period i.e Ancient,Early Medieval, Medieval and modern India.

Following are the literary sources for Ancient India

1.Megasthenese and Arrian's Indica - Download
2. Kautilya's arthashastra First translation by S.Shamasastry- Download
3. Dipavamsa buddhist pali work 4th CE - Download
4. Mahavamsa buddhist pali work 3rd CE - Download
5. Mudrarakshasa play by Vishakhdutta
- Download
6. Gathasaptasati for Satvahna history - Download
7. Harshacharita by Banabhatt in hindi 7th CE- Download
8. Kamasutra by Vatsyayana - Download
9. Mrichhkatika by Sudrak- Download
10.Great Tang Dynasty Records of western regions Xuang xang's travelogue to India - Download

Following are the literary sources for Early Medieval Indian history

1. Manusmrti Dharmashastra- Download
2. Rajtarangini Vol 1 & Vol 2 - Download
3. Prithviraj Raso in Hindi- Download
4. Meadows of Gold by Al-Masudi from Page 152 - Download
5. Hamir Mahakavya (Rajput history)- Download
6. Taranath's history of Buddhism in India - Download

Following are the literary sources for Medieval India

1. Tabakat i nasiri Vol 1 - Download
2. Tabakat i nasiri Vol 2- Download
3. Delhi Sultanate by R.C Majumadar- Download
4. Tarikh-al-Hind by Al-biruni - Download
5. Tarik i firozshahi - Download
6. Travels of Ibn-i-batuta page 100 onwards- Download
7. Baburnama - Download
8. Akbarnama
Vol 1 Download
Vol 2 Download
Vol 3 Download
9. Tujuk i Jahangiri- Download
10. Muntakhab ut Taarikh by Badaoni -
Vol-1 Download and Vol-2 Download
11.Tarikh i farishta - Download
12. Futuhat-i-alamgiri - Download
13. Peter mundy's travel to Asia - Download
14. Nicollo de Conti travel to Vijaynagar Empire- Download
15. Travels in India J.B.Tavernier - Download
16. Travels in Moghul Empire- Francois Bernier Download
17. Book of Duerte Barbosa from Page 105 - Download

Following are the literary sources for Modern Indian History

1. Shejwalker's Panipat 1761 - Download
2. Maratha Supremacy R.C. Majumdar - Download
3. First hand accounts of 1857 revolt - Download
4. Gazetteers of Oudh - Download
5. Journey through Oudh Col Sleeman- Download
6. Plassey to partition by S.Bandopadhyay- Download

There are many more for modern India .

Happy reading 😇

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