The freedom Struggle in Princely India.

  • 2/5th of the Indian subcontinent was ruled by princes. All had recognized British paramountcy. The tax burden was much larger than the British ruled territories ,rule of law was missing and civil liberties were much less.
  • National movement affected the thinking of state people who grew up in political consciousness about democracy. 
Sridev suman
Sridev suman a popular young leader of praja mandal in Tihari princely state (photo courtesy-
  • Non cooperation and Khilafat had a great impact over their thinking praja mandals or state people conferences were organized . In 1927 the earlier existing Praja mandals and lok parishads in Princely states merged to form All India state’s people’s conference (AISPC) under the leadership of Balwant rai Mehta ,G.R.Abhyankar and Maniklal Kothari.
  • Congress though passed a resolution in Nagpur session calling upon princes to grant full responsible govt. in their states but still it wanted people from states to raise their voices in their individual capacity and not under congress name. It was due to the reason that political situations in britsh india and states was very much different and people were not politicized enough there. Though state conferences link with the congress were always close. In 1929 poorna swaraj resolution Nehru called upon the total independence of princely states too .
  • According to 1935 Govt. of India act under federation scheme princely states were brought under legislative process too but the state’s representatives were not to be elected by state’s people but chosen nominees of princes who actually help British govt. in thwarting nationalist reforms by opposing them in upper house. AISPC and congress demanded these nominees to be elected by the people.
  • Congress came in power in 1937 and people under princely states felt confident and their expectation rise helping in increased political activity.

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Notes from Bipin Chandra Freedom Struggle .


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