From Museums of Pakistan, Gandhara sculptures of 1st to 3rd CE.

Sakyamuni's first meeting with a Brahmin, Late 1st CE, Peshawar Museum.

Monastery of Takht-e-Behi near Peshawar,Pakistan

Portrait of a donor 2nd-3rd CE. Peshawar Museum

Athena or Roma, 2nd Century Lahore, Central Museum

Buddha 1st Century, Hoti Mardan, Pakistan

Standing Buddha 2nd Century, Lahore Central Museum.

''Buddha of Great Miracle'' , from Bagram, 3rd-4th Century , Kabul Museum, Afghanistan.

''The Offering of four Bowls'', early 2nd century , Lahore, Central Museum.

Reliquary of King Kanishka, late 2nd century, Peshawar Museum.

Reliquary from Bimaran , 2nd-3rd century, Kolkata Museum.

Bodhisattva perhaps Siddhartha 2nd-3rd CE. Lahore Museum.

Bodhisattva 2nd-3rd CE , Lahore, Central Museum.

"Offering of Grass" 1st CE Peshawar Museum.

Yaksini 2nd CE,.Peshawar Museum.

Yaksini and Palm Tree , 2nd CE, Peshawar Museum.

"Buddha and Black Serpant of Rajgriha", 2nd CE. ,Lahore, Central Museum.

Frieze,with inhabited grapevine pattern, Peshawar Museum.

Buddhist Monks , Late 1st Century , Lahore, Central Museum.

Soldiers from Host of Mara , 2nd Century , Lahore, Central Museum.

"Temptation of Mara" Late 1st CE. Peshawar Museum.

Bacchanal, 2nd CE. Lahore, Central Museum.

Ascetic, 2nd CE, Lahore, Central Museum.

Head of a Devta, 2nd-3rd CE, Museum of Fine arts, Boston.

Wall Painting from Miran , Central Asia, 3rd Century, Delhi Museum.

Corinthian Capital, 2nd-3rd Century,  British Museum, London.

Miniature Stupa from Loriyan Tangai, 2nd-3rd CE. Indian Museum , Calcutta.

Group of Donors, (Stair -riser) , 1st CE. Hoti Mardan, Peshawar Museum.

Ananthapindaka Presents Jetavana Monastery to Buddha, Late 1st Century, Peshawar Museum.

Toilet Tray , 1st CE , Sirkap, Taxila, Karachi, National Museum.

Head of a Bodhisattva, 2nd CE, Charsadda, Peshawar Museum.

Colossal head of Buddha, Sirkap,Taxila, 2nd CE. Lahore, Central Museum.

Head of Buddha 2nd Century , Peshawar Museum.

False Gable, 2nd-3rd CE, Lahore, Central Museum.

The Nirvana, 2nd Century, Peshawar Museum.

"Birth of Siddhartha" 2nd Century, Lahore, Central Museum.

A Fragment of Frieze with Garland bearing Putti, 2nd CE. from Charsadda, Lahore, Central Museum.

The Ascetics of Kasyapa Tribe endeavor to extinguish the conflagration in the fire Temple, 3rd CE. Lahore, Central Museum.

"The Host of Mara" 2nd CE. Lahore, Central Museum.

The Infant Buddha taking the Seven Steps, Swat Valley, Pakistan

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